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Calvert County Criminal Defense Lawyers | FrizWoods LLC

Calvert County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Are you facing criminal charges in Calvert County? Engage with genuine Southern Maryland lawyers who know the local justice landscape intimately. Luke Woods and Max Frizalone bring their trial experience in Calvert County to cases ranging from DUI to felony and domestic assault charges. Their deep roots in Southern Maryland, from serving as Public Defenders to State's Attorneys, equip them uniquely to handle the complexities of your case.

Given the tendency of the Calvert County State's Attorney's office to pursue incarceration, having Max and Luke by your side could be the difference between a dismissal and a conviction. Their intricate understanding of local legal dynamics, familiarity with the judiciary, and the prosecutorial approach ensures tailored strategies that could significantly tilt your case towards favorable outcomes.

Cases we can help with include:

New Office in Calvert County

We are excited to announce the opening of our new office in Calvert County, enhancing our accessibility to better serve you:

Calvert County Office
9120 Chesapeake Ave STE 201, North Beach, MD 20714
(301) 720-1917

Max and Luke formed FrizWoods to offer dedicated criminal defense across Maryland. Their collaborative approach means you benefit from comprehensive defense strategies prepared by a team, not just an individual lawyer. Both are known for their fearless advocacy in the courtroom, reflected in their stellar reviews and case outcomes.

Our Expert Attorneys

Luke Woods

Luke Woods is a cornerstone of criminal defense in Calvert County, with over a decade of exclusively handling criminal cases in the area. His profound experience includes a diverse array of challenging cases, from high-profile felonies to more routine misdemeanors, all managed with his signature meticulous attention to legal detail and client advocacy. Luke's decade-long dedication to criminal law in Calvert County has equipped him with unparalleled local legal insights and a deep understanding of the nuances of the county's judicial system, making him an invaluable asset to those facing criminal charges.

Max Friz
Max Frizalone brings a comprehensive background in criminal law, having served as both a public defender and a state's attorney before co-founding FrizWoods LLC. His experience spans both sides of the courtroom, providing him with a unique perspective on criminal defense strategy. Max's robust approach to case preparation and trial advocacy ensures that all avenues of defense are explored thoroughly. Known for his aggressive representation in court, Max's ability to challenge prosecutorial cases has earned him significant accolades and successful outcomes for his clients.

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