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Prince George's County Criminal Lawyers

The FrizWoods Mission

FrizWoods LLC provides high quality criminal defense representation without the impersonal feel of a large firm. It has long been a mission of both Max and Luke to form their own firm after years of working for government agencies and private firms.

Max and Luke previously worked together as public defenders, coming together on a number of cases including a first-degree murder case. Luke brought Max onboard with a private firm in early 2021, and they spent a large portion of 2021 working together on serious felony cases including first degree assaults, kidnapping cases, possession with intent cases, and sexual offenses. Max and Luke made such an impactful team that they remained close and awaited the perfect opportunity to open a boutique firm serving all of Maryland. When forming FrizWoods, both Max and Luke had one goal in common: to become criminal defense lawyers who provided the highest level of service for individual clients.

Don't get stuck with an ambulance chaser for an attorney

Luke and Max are trial lawyers through and through. While many lawyers try and wear a few too many hats, Luke and Max specialize in what they know best, criminal law. While we can certainly refer you to someone that might help with a different type of case, Frizwoods only takes on criminal cases. We make sure to provide the best client experience possible by providing attentive and knowledgeable representation in everything we do.FrizWoods LLC has the feel of a small firm without sacrificing quality. Max and Luke are proud to serve as attorneys, having defended clients for nearly 20 years. Together they work hard to deliver the same high-quality criminal defense representation that you would expect from a large firm, but with the personal touch of a smaller one. This means building relationships with clients based on trust, understanding what they need, providing them with talent and expertise they deserve - all at a fair price - so that we can be an integral part of solving their legal problems successfully.

Formed for the people, not the dollars.

In January of 2022, Max and Luke formed FrizWoods with the goal of representing people within their means and doing it as if they were the client themselves, not just another case.
We represent those who have been accused of crimes in Maryland. We work with those accused of theft offenses, drug crimes, drunk driving charges, white collar crimes, and a number of other offenses.
We believe that each person deserves a high quality defense at a reasonable price without having to worry about being talked down to or given a cookie-cutter solution. We hope you will give us the opportunity to help defend your case. We're not afraid to put up a tough fight for your rights no matter how tough the case seems. That's what we do; that's what you can expect from us when you reach out for help.

Client centric practice

As partners at FrizWoods criminal defense, Max and Luke strive to create an atmosphere in which clients feel not only personally cared for, but also empowered through the process. The firm's mission is to provide high quality legal representation with a personalized touch for those involved in the criminal justice system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my criminal defense attorney is experienced?

The best way to tell if you're hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is to speak directly with them about their prior case experience. Luke has over twenty years of strictly criminal defense experience, and can refer you to his wealth of experience during a consultation.

As a criminal defendant, what am I entitled to?

As a criminal defendant you are entitled to an attorney, free of charge. The Court will provide you with an attorney, but not necessarily the attorney of your choosing. The Public Defender's Office represents all criminal defendants who cannot afford to hire a private attorney.

In addition to an attorney, you are also entitled to a trial before a Judge and/or a trial before a Jury, depending on the maximum penalty of the crime which you are charged with.

What does FrizWoods do?

FrizWoods provides full service criminal representation. We can assist with each step of the way from initial appearance through trial. FrizWoods provides representation in a wide array of cases and makes sure that each of the firm's clients are fully advised of their rights in the criminal justice system.

What is the best way to speak with a lawyer?

The best way to speak with an attorney is to call our 24/7 attorney consultation line, or to schedule a meeting at either of our offices.

Where is FrizWoods located?

FrizWoods has three offices, one in Upper Marlboro, another in Columbia, and our third in Severna Park.

Contact Us

We pride ourselves on being one of Maryland's most accessible law firms. Our 24 hour attorney line is always open, give us a call and be directly connected with Max Frizalone or Luke. We are more than happy to give you a free consultation and case review. Don't wait until the last minute to find the right attorney for your case. Call us or fill out one of our contact forms to request an appointment today.

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