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Experienced Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers

Having a strong Maryland criminal defense lawyer in your corner can mean the difference between incarceration and freedom. Going to court with the wrong attorney could be the worst mistake of your life. The attorneys with FrizWoods only handle criminal offenses, place your case in the hands of a real criminal lawyer who knows the criminal justice system. We can help you put your legal problems in the rear view.


Max Frizalone Max Frizalone
What makes us different

The FrizWoods Difference

What sets us apart from other Criminal Defense law firms is that we specialize in criminal cases. While many other "Maryland Criminal Lawyers" might be busy chasing ambulances or dealing with divorces, the attorneys with FrizWoods solely focus on criminal cases like yours. Facing criminal charges in Maryland? Luke and Max can assist with nearly any charge including DUI cases, domestic assaults, felony drug cases, gun cases, sex offenses, white collar crimes, and even cases as serious as murder allegations. We aren't just any Maryland criminal lawyers, we are specialized maryland criminal defense lawyers who have created a practice specifically designed to address criminal charges faced by our clients. We solely work within Maryland's State Courts and have been involved in cases charging almost every Maryland criminal charge that exists. Personal service is crucial to our success as a firm, do not hesitate to contact our twenty four hour attorney line for a free consultation.

Luke Woods Luke Woods


Legal Knowledge

The FrizWoods team employs their years of experience navigating the legal system to ensure all of our clients take advantage of their strongest legal defenses. Max and Luke learned the ropes working as Public Defenders, and Max also worked as a States Attorney. Their experience with criminal law has enabled them to become effective criminal defense attorneys. They stay up to date on the most recent Maryland State, and Federal cases effecting issues like search and seizure, firearms, and criminal procedure.


Constant Contact

Luke and Max provide each of their clients with direct contact lines and personal attention. No more calling a secretary and waiting days to be called back. Our 24 hour attorney line is always open for attorney client priviledge initial consultations and client concerns. Legal matters concerns almost never arise between 9 AM and 5 PM when most firms are open. FrizWoods never closes. Hire a Maryland criminal lawyer that you can reach on the phone anytime, not an attorney in Maryland you have to call when their door opens after 9.


Affordable Fees

FrizWoods can work within your budget to provide representation on a customized payment plan that fits your individual financial situation. We accept all major forms of payment including cash, credit, electronic payment, and checks. No matter if it's a white collar crime case, a felony, or a simple misdemeanor, FrizWoods will make a payment schedule that works for you. Our Maryland Criminal Defense attorneys represent clients of all backgrounds across the State of Maryland.


Results Driven

Reputation is key to the success of FrizWoods. Our firm is driven to deliver the best results for all of our clients at the highest level. Don't take our word for it, both Max and Luke have earned countless five star reviews from past and present satisfied clients, proving they are among the best Maryland criminal lawyers. Their trial experience is well versed, and they have represented thousands of clients charged with various criminal offenses during their careers.

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges can be scary and frustrating, but you don't have to go through the criminal justice process alone. A qualified criminal defense lawyer, like the attorneys with FrizWoods, will help guide you through the process. Our firm offers every potential client a free consultation, which can happen over the phone, or at any of our three offices. When you're looking for a Maryland Criminal Lawyer, you may feel overwhelmed by options, and left asking, "How do I find the best criminal defense lawyer?"

The first place to look is - what type of experience your attorney might have. The lawyers with FrizWoods have handled countless different cases as Defense lawyers, and in their prior roles as government attorneys. Their experience includes cases involving: white collar criminal charges, violent felony offenses, domestic violence cases, driving under the influence cases, and more. Both Max Frizalone and Luke Woods have secured not guilty verdicts after jury trials, and bench trials alike. Max and Luke specialize in criminal matters in Maryland's State Courts including Maryland District Court, and Maryland Circuit Court. We strive to deliver the best possible results for all of our clients, and provide an individualized approach to each case. Our practice areas are limited to only criminal cases, so you can be sure that we are up to date on the most recent developments in criminal law in Maryland, and Federal Courts.

About our firm

Max Frizalone and Luke Woods founded FrizWoods in January of 2022 to provide the highest quality defense representation to clients facing criminal charges. Since opening our doors, FrizWoods has accrued numerous five star reviews from satisfied clients who can attest to our aggressive and zealous representation. Both Luke and Max have backgrounds defending clients charged with crimes ranging from simple shoplifting, to first degree murder. Luke and Max treat every case with equal importance, and never hire other attorneys to handle their cases. Each FrizWoods client can be sure that from the time of their initial free consultation, through the conclusion of their case, they will only work with the high quality criminal defense lawyers with FrizWoods.

Luke Woods has built a career as a premier criminal defense attorney handling DUI, assault, domestic violence, drug distribution, felony charges, and firearms offenses. Over his career Luke has successfully represented countless citizens of Maryland, many of whom were found not guilty of their charges.

Max Frizalone is a fierce advocate for his clients, having recently left both the Maryland Public Defender's Office, and the Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office. As both a Public Defender, and a Prosecutor, Max handled serious felony cases including violent gun offenses, carjacking cases, armed robbery cases, and sexual offenses.

The attorneys with FrizWoods believe themselves to be amongst some of the best criminal defense lawyers in Maryland. Put their expertise to work for you today.

DUI / Drunk Driving Defense

DUI / Drunk Driving Defense

You may have already been charged with a DUI or DWI, but the consequences of not having the help of a seasoned DUI attorney to defend your case can be severe. If you are charged with a Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Impaired charge, the most important thing you can do is consult with one of the experienced DUI attorneys at FrizWoods about your criminal charge. A DUI or DWI arrest can result in an automatic license suspension, heavy fines, and even jail time. FrizWoods will provide you with a free consultation. with one of our experienced attorneys who are well versed in all aspects of criminal law related to drunk driving. The criminal defenses attorneys at FrizWoods are ready to put our skills and expertise to work for you today. First time DUI charges? We can answer all of the questions you might have. Whether your concerned about employment, the status of your driver's license, or potential penalties you could face - the attorneys with FrizWoods can easily answer these questions during a free consultation. Our attorneys have extensive DUI trial experience. We know the ins-and-outs of the criminal justice system in Maryland, and we will guide you through the process as your case proceeds. Drunk driving offenses can be complicated, allow us to make them simple for you. we can help you avoid a criminal conviction altogether, and keep convictions off your record. When many other DUI lawyers in Maryland are keen to enter a plea of guilty and go straight to sentencing, the criminal defense lawyers with FrizWoods are searching for defenses in your case and demanding a trial to prove your innocence.

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Felony Criminal Cases

FrizWoods provides high quality criminal defense representation for felony cases in Maryland. Luke Woods leverages his experience built over two decades as a criminal defense attorney to get results. We defend people charged with the most serious crimes, including murder, kidnapping, robbery , sex crimes and sex offenses, first degree assault, and drug charges other crimes involving domestic violence. FrizWoods provides reliable information to clients about their case, any potential punishments or sentences that may be handed out if they are found guilty, and the steps that must be taken at trial to earn a not guilty verdict. If you've been accused of a criminal offense in Maryland and are not sure what to do next, it's vitally important that you consult with an experienced criminal attorney at FrizWoods. You need someone who knows the law-someone who will fight for your rights. Maryland criminal law isn't simple, and Maryland criminal defense shouldn't be your lawyers hobby. If you choose the wrong lawyer from one of Maryland's countless other law offices, you could end up with a serious criminal record, or even in one of Maryland State's Prison facilities. Don't bring a personal injury or business litigation lawyer to a criminal trial.

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Felony Criminal Cases
Juvenile Defense Practice

Juvenile Defense Practice

You may feel hopeless and alone, not knowing how to process the idea that your child is caught up in the legal system. We're here for you and we understand what you're going through. Our criminal defense attorneys will walk you through every step of the way, and we'll be there to aggressively fight for your child's future. You can rest assured that our knowledgeable Juvenile Defense Lawyers will advocate on behalf of your child every step of the way.If your child is facing a charge or petition, whether it has made it to court yet or not, you need an attorney with specific experience in the Juvenile Justice system. The right lawyer can make all the difference. Luke Woods and Max Frizalone have successfully defended juveniles against charges of robbery, drug charges, firearm offenses, juvenile sex offenses, juvenile sex crimes, and assaults in the first and second degree. We can confidently defend your child against any misdemeanor or felony charge in a juvenile court. Criminal defense and juvenile defense are our attorney's passions, and they can make sure that Maryland criminal law does not get in the way of your child's potential. Call us for a free consultation for your child's case. We have successfully represented juvenile clients in the past, many of whom were facing criminal charges as adults before our involvement.

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Five star rated

What our clients say



Luke Woods and his team are excellent. I had two cases that were drawn out due to COVID delays and they kept in touch with me over with last two years regarding my case. They worked hard to get the outcome I was seeking and I did in fact get that outcome. I cannot recommend them enough!



I was falsely accused of a serious felony, something which I could have gotten life in prison if I was convicted. I consulted many attorneys. I then met and hired Luke Woods and Max Frizalone, serious, experienced trial attorneys. They listened to me, went over the evidence, pointed out all the defenses, investigated and talked to witnesses, and went to bat for me with the judge and the state. They got ALL of my charges dismissed!

Kimberly B.


I want to take the time to say thank you Max. As DV cases are never easy but Max you made it happen. The struggle was real and 5 months later, box probation and appeal but at the end Max showed up and talk to the states att and the charges again my husband was dropped. No probation, box or violation of probation. Thank you



If I could I would give 10 stars! I choose Luke Woods and He has lifted so much weight off my shoulders and my family shoulders. Mr. Luke always responded immediately, very polite and caring. My son will be released in a very short amount of time thanks to Luke hard work and non stop effort fighting a Robbery and Gun until case was Won. I would love to keep like as a lawyer.



Max defended me in a DUI case which ultimately resulted in a Not Guilty verdict. Throughout the process, he was consistent in fighting for my innocence and not just taking a guilty PBJ plea like many other lawyers and defendants do in that situation. He seemed to have a deep knowledge of the law and was a very skilled communicator and arguer in court.I would highly reccomend Max, especially for a DUI case.



These guys are the ones you want to have saved in your phone just incase something were to ever happen. I had contacted the firm two weeks or so after I had gotten myself into a pickle. It's something to be said that I wish I would have had their number the same day.A few words I could describe this company as is tenacious, professional, knowledgeable and above all which you could hope from a firm... loyalty.



Luke represented me in a court case that went on almost 2 years. I was given a free consultation and although the case went on he never asked for more than the initial fee. Which his fee was very afforable. Luke was very informative and educated me on what to expect. He returned phone calls promptly and kept me in the loop. I would hire him again if needed and recommend him to anyone that needs a traffic and/or defense lawyer!



I needed a lawyer quickly, and Max called me within 24 hours of me asking for assistance. He was engaged right from the first call and made time to meet with me within days. Max listened and let me know what my options were from a very respectful and sympathetic perspective. He stayed in touch frequently and was nothing short of incredible during my court appearances. Max's professional and courteous approach made a stressful time in my life manageable. I would highly recommend him and am grateful to have worked with him.



I found myself in my 40s facing what could've possibly added up to be years. With so much on the line I needed a good lawyer. There's nothing I could say on here that would do the job that Max did any justice! Outstanding, comes to mind! He got to know me, the situation, I felt like I had somebody in my corner that actually cared! And in return I felt way more relaxed when we finally did go to court! Max really is one of the great ones(master of his craft) and I would recommend him to anyone that is going through it.



Luke Woods is an amazing attorney he help to remove charges from my son case.He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has proven himself to be an experienced lawyer. He is extremely skilled and was clear about expectation. I appreciate his representation and highly recommend Luke



Mr Frizalone helped me with a DUI charge incurred in Carroll County MD. He was EXCELLENT. He was knowledgeable, VERY supportive, and able to secure a plea deal that was fair and manageable. He was very pleasant to deal with, and was also very easy to get in touch with. Definitely worth considering as a top tier attorney against DUI/DWI charges.



Luke was so helpful from start to finish. He was very knowledgeable of what to do for my case, was always readily available to discuss anything, and I felt confident he would get the outcome I wanted/needed. Would highly recommend his services!

P Jordan


I've never encountered an attorney so accessibly and hard working as Mr. Woods. I've texted him as early as 5 am and received an immediate response. He was able to get the case dismissed and is working on having it expunged from my daughter's record. I am grateful for the assistance I've received from Mr. Woods.!



Luke was a ray of hope for us! Very professional and knowledgeable. So thankful he was able to represent our family.



Mr. Frizalone is certainly one of the highest performing lawyers I have ever encountered. He will easily explain your legal situation to you and your loved ones, and help you thoroughly understand the approach that he will take in your defense. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and colleagues.



Overall great experience with Max. Very friendly and kept me informed on the whole process during our 2 months until court. Would definitely recommend. Thanks for your help.



Case was dismissed and Mr.Frizalone kept me well informed on information pertaining to my traffic ticket and court dates.I didn't miss any work which was a blessing and Mr.Frizalone handled the whole situation very professionally. I highly recommend Mr.Frizalone to anyone that has traffic citation and want positive results ,hassle free.



Max handled my case with ease! Advised me with all the necessary steps to proceed in my case! He got to the point on every aspect and advised me the best way to be handled! He was firm and got to the point on everything! Everything went well!! Max will definitely be my future lawyer.



Mr Frizalone helped me with a DUI charge incurred in Carroll County MD. He was EXCELLENT. He was knowledgeable, VERY supportive, and able to secure a plea deal that was fair and manageable. He was very pleasant to deal with, and was also very easy to get in touch with. Definitely worth



Things I have struggled with for years that are now legal Max was able to help me with, when others literally told me it couldn't be done. Should I ever be in any kind of trouble, Max Frizalone will be my first call.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I think I may become involved in a criminal case. When can I contact you?

We can assist you at the earliest stages of a potential criminal case, including before any charges are brought by Police or State agencies. Often when we are able to limit charges or even exclude the possibility are brought when we are retained early on in an investigation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you believe you are under investigation, or may become the target of an investigation. Our law firm is open 24/7 for clients, as we know that most criminal cases don't arise during business hours. Our firm provides free consultations over the phone, and at each of our office locations. All of our consultations are covered by attorney client privilege. Call today to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

Why should I hire a Maryland Criminal Lawyer?

If you are seeking high quality representation from a criminal lawyer, you are going to want to have an advocate on your side who has experience in the Maryland Criminal Justice system. All too often Defendants in the State of Maryland choose to represent themselves or accept subpar legal representation resulting in convictions. At FrizWoods we provide stellar representation to ensure that your rights are respected in the Maryland Criminal Court system. If you're looking for a criminal defense attorney, you've reached the right law firm.

What if I can't afford a criminal lawyer?

If you, or your loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, we can provide representation on a payment plan that fits your budget. We formed our law firm, FrizWoods LLC to provide full service criminal defense for cases ranging from complex felonies to drunk driving defense. You deserve the best Maryland criminal defense attorney for your case, do not hesitate to call us today. Luke and Max visit incarcerated clients wherever they are held, often the same night they are incarcerated. We can discuss your loved one's case with them at a county jail facility, or any Maryland Prison facility. Our firm regularly represents clients on payment plans to solve their legal problems with their best interests in mind.