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Experienced Maryland Criminal Lawyers

Being charged with a crime can be a daunting experience, but you don't have to face it alone. At FrizWoods, we offer personalized legal services to all clients. Our Maryland criminal defense lawyers solve cases involving DUI, domestic assaults, drug charges, sex offenses, white-collar crimes, and more. Don't wait, call us for a free consultation today.


Five star rated

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I was falsely accused of a serious felony, something which I could have gotten life in prison if I was convicted. I consulted many attorneys. I then met and hired Luke Woods and Max Frizalone, serious, experienced trial attorneys. They listened to me, went over the evidence, pointed out all the defenses, investigated and talked to witnesses, and went to bat for me with the judge and the state. They got ALL of my charges dismissed!



These guys are the ones you want to have saved in your phone just incase something were to ever happen. I had contacted the firm two weeks or so after I had gotten myself into a pickle. It's something to be said that I wish I would have had their number the same day.A few words I could describe this company as is tenacious, professional, knowledgeable and above all which you could hope from a firm... loyalty.

P Jordan


I've never encountered an attorney so accessibly and hard working as Mr. Woods. I've texted him as early as 5 am and received an immediate response. He was able to get the case dismissed and is working on having it expunged from my daughter's record. I am grateful for the assistance I've received from Mr. Woods.!

Michael Straughan


I wanna say they meet a lot higher than my expectations with a very friendly and professional duration of there service and could always get in touch with them for any question or concern and I believe I got the best results I could have ask for....thanks again

cere cook


Max was absolutely great! He listened actually cared and helped me with my traffic cases very quickly ! He was direct, and very reasonable with pricing and worked with my budget .He was so helpful and i was very last min with everything so I appreciate him sooo much … he’s one of the BEST lawyers period .

Kathy Hines


It was a real pleasure working on my legal matter with Mr. Frizalone. He was professional and displayed an impressive knowledge of the law. I would definitely recommend him to others who seek prompt, professional and courteous legal services.

Gixxer Jayy


Affordable Quality legal services, only great things to say about this law firm.

Aolean Davis


Very patient and understanding. Keeps client up to date. Always answer the phone and if unable to at the moment there is ALWAYS a response. Would DEFINITELY recommend

meski nega


Luke Wood, Esq. was very helpful and extremely happy with the service I get from him. I strongly recommend him for my loved ones.



I had max as my lawyer for multiple traffic tickets. Best lawyer I’ve ever had, always called me 2 weeks before the court date. Sometimes I would forget about it and he would remind me. The last one he represented me in he just called me to tell me her paid this 50$ so that the case would be finished with. Didn’t even ask me for the money just eliminated my stress. Would give more then a 5 star review it was a thing.

Mr. Fundz


Great attitude towards his work. Cares about his clients case more than his client. Went out of his way for me today.

Moe Banks


Won’t find a better person that comes even half as close the cost of a lawyer or peace of mind that they are supposed to provide then these two right here.

Bill Mccubbin


He is the greatest lawyer to have he has done everything in his powers and got me off I would have him and his office anytime I need them he works hard for every dollar



While looking for an Attourney, I found Max early in October. I didn't know what to expect during these events and was new to everything. Max was very professional and gave some of the best advice, that at the time it sounded like things I did not want to do. As I got all of the things done that Max told me I should do to help, little did I know it would help me tremendously in the end. I was extremely thankful...



I had found out that I had a warrant on Friday the 14th. Like many of us I didn't know what to do and was also straped for cash. I contacted the court looking to get a lawyer. I told them my situation and I needed to have the warrant recalled as soon as yesterday due to employment and this was on my background. Luke and Max worked with me got the motion fo recall in the courthouse on the 14th the motion to recall was recalled on the 18th. I recommend Frizzwoids LLC 100%...



When my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh impossible Mr. Woods was able to secure me a favorable outcome. Mr. Woods calm and empathic demeanor provided relief in a highly stressful situation. Further, my case was handled with great care and professionalism and I highly recommend Mr Woods to anyone in need of legal counsel.



I highly recommend Max, he was professional, honest, and I believe he would not only meet but exceed your expectations. He came through for me when I was charged with a DUI, walking me through every step of the way. His predicted results of my charges were spot on.

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What makes us different

Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Care.

What sets us apart from other Criminal Defense law firms is that we specialize in criminal cases. While many other "Maryland Criminal Lawyers" might be busy chasing ambulances or dealing with divorces, the attorneys with FrizWoods solely focus on criminal cases like yours. Facing criminal charges in Maryland? Luke and Max can assist with nearly any charge including DUI cases, domestic assaults, felony drug cases, gun cases, sex offenses, white collar crimes, and even cases as serious as murder allegations. We aren't just any Maryland criminal lawyers, we are specialized maryland criminal defense lawyers who have created a practice specifically designed to address criminal charges faced by our clients. We solely work within Maryland's State Courts and have been involved in cases charging almost every Msaryland criminal charge that exists. Personal service is crucial to our success as a firm, do not hesitate to contact our twenty four hour attorney line for a free consultation.


Specialized Practice Areas

At FrizWoods, our criminal defense lawyers have a deep understanding of the Maryland State and Federal legal systems. Our lawyers have years of experience working in public defense and as state attorneys, and we stay up to date on the most recent legal developments that may affect our clients' cases. We use this knowledge to provide personalized legal services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Lawyers with answers

At FrizWoods, we provide each of our clients with direct access to our lawyers, so you can always get the help you need, when you need it. Our 24-hour attorney line is always open for initial consultations and client concerns, so you can speak directly with one of our lawyers at any time of day. We understand that legal matters don't always arise during business hours, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients.


Afordable for any offenses

We believe that everyone deserves quality legal representation, regardless of their financial situation, or the area of their case. That's why we offer customized payment plans that fit your individual budget. We accept all major forms of payment, including cash, credit, electronic payment, and checks. Contact us today to discuss your payment options.


Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys

At FrizWoods, our reputation is built on our commitment to delivering the best results for our clients. Our maryland criminal attorneys have extensive experience in criminal defense, and we have earned countless five-star reviews from past and present satisfied clients who believe we were the best maryland criminal lawyer for their case.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Maryland

Max Frizalone and Luke Woods founded FrizWoods in January of 2022 to provide the highest quality defense representation to clients facing criminal charges. Since opening our doors, FrizWoods has accrued numerous five star reviews from satisfied clients who can attest to our aggressive and zealous representation in Howard County, Prince George's County, and Anne Arundel County. Both Luke and Max have backgrounds defending clients charged with crimes ranging from simple shoplifting, to first degree murder as maryland criminal defense attorneys. Luke and Max treat every case with equal importance, and never hire other attorneys to handle their cases. Each FrizWoods client can be sure that from the time of their initial free consultation, through the conclusion of their case, they will only work with the high quality criminal defense lawyers with FrizWoods.

Luke Woods has built a career as a premier criminal defense attorney handling DUI, assault, domestic violence, drug distribution, felony charges, and firearms offenses. Over his career Luke has successfully represented countless citizens of Maryland, many of whom were found not guilty of their charges.

Max Frizalone is a fierce advocate for his clients, having recently left both the Maryland Public Defender's Office, and the Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office. As both a Public Defender, and a Prosecutor, Max handled serious felony cases including violent gun offenses, carjacking cases, armed robbery cases, and sexual offenses.

Hiring an experienced maryland criminal attorney can be one of the most important decisions you make when facing criminal charges. A criminal conviction can have a significant impact on your life, including fines, imprisonment, and a tarnished criminal record. Our attorneys can provide you with the legal expertise and support you need to navigate the criminal justice system and achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer like the attorneys with FrizWoods:

  • Understanding of the Criminal Justice System: A criminal defense lawyer who has years of experience has a deep understanding of the criminal justice system, including the procedures and protocols involved in criminal trials. This knowledge can help them effectively defend your rights and achieve the best possible outcome in your case.
  • Knowledge of the Law: Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the criminal laws that apply to your case, including the evidence required to prosecute you and the legal strategies available to defend against the charges. This can give you peace of mind, knowing that your case is in the hands of someone who understands the law and is working to protect your rights.
  • Experience in Negotiating Plea Bargains: Our criminal defense lawyers have the skills and knowledge to negotiate plea bargains on behalf of their clients, which they have successfully done for many clients in the past. This means they can negotiate with the prosecution to reduce charges or secure a more favorable plea agreement, helping you avoid a lengthy trial and potentially a harsher sentence.
  • Strong Representation in Court: We are well-versed in the court system and can provide strong representation in court. We understand the rules of evidence and procedure, and know how to argue effectively on your behalf. A Maryland criminal attorney can greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome in court.
  • Access to Resources: We have built a network of resources in Maryland, including private investigators, forensic experts, and other legal professionals. These resources can be critical in building a strong defense in your case. We have offices in Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and Prince George's County.

Countless Criminal Cases Handled in Maryland

The attorneys with FrizWoods believe themselves to be amongst some of the most versatile criminal defense lawyers in Maryland. Put their expertise to work for you today.

Whether you are facing charges for a minor offense or a serious crime, our team has the experience and knowledge to handle your case with confidence. We have successfully handled a wide range of criminal offenses, including:

DUI/DWI: If you have been charged with drunk driving, our team can provide the legal expertise you need to fight the charges and protect your rights. We have extensive experience in DUI cases and are well-versed in the laws and procedures involved.

Drug Crimes: Whether you are facing charges for drug possession, drug trafficking, or other drug-related crimes, our team has the experience to defend you in court. We will work to challenge the prosecution's evidence, negotiate a favorable plea agreement, or argue your case in court to achieve the best possible outcome. White-Collar Crimes: Our team is experienced in handling white-collar crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, and check fraud. We understand the complex nature of these cases and have the skills and resources to build a strong defense on your behalf.

Homicide and Violent Crimes: Homicide and violent crimes charges are serious and can have life-altering consequences. Our team is experienced in defending clients facing these types of charges and will work to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome in court.

Theft Crimes: Our team has extensive experience in representing clients facing theft crimes, including grand theft, petty theft, and robbery. We understand the nuances of these cases and are skilled in building a strong defense on your behalf.

At FrizWoods, we believe that everyone deserves the right to a fair trial. That's why we are dedicated to providing our clients with the legal expertise and support they need to achieve the best possible outcome in their criminal case. Our team is committed to fighting for your rights and protecting your interests, no matter the nature of the charges against you.

If you are facing criminal charges, don't wait. Contact FrizWoods today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Facing criminal charges can be a daunting experience, but you don't have to go through the process alone. At FrizWoods, we offer every potential client a free consultation, which can happen over the phone, or at any of our three offices. Our qualified maryland criminal defense attorneys can help guide you through the process and provide the legal expertise and support you need to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

When you're looking for a Maryland criminal lawyer, the first place to look is at the type of experience your attorney might have. The lawyers with FrizWoods have extensive experience in handling criminal cases, including white-collar criminal charges, violent felony offenses, domestic violence cases, DUI cases, and more. Our attorneys have secured not guilty verdicts after jury trials, and bench trials alike. Our firm specialize in criminal matters in Maryland's state courts, including Maryland District Court, and Maryland Circuit Court. Our practice areas are limited to criminal cases, so you can be sure that we are up to date on the most recent developments in criminal law in Maryland and federal courts.

DUI Defense Lawyer - Drunk Driving Attorney in Maryland

DUI Defense Lawyer - Drunk Driving Attorney in Maryland

If you are facing DUI/DWI charges in Maryland, our experienced attorneys at FrizWoods can provide you with the legal defense you need to avoid serious consequences, including automatic license suspension, heavy fines, and jail time. A DUI or DWI arrest can result in an automatic license suspension, heavy fines, and even jail time. FrizWoods will provide you with a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys who are well versed in all aspects of criminal law related to drunk driving.

The criminal defense attorneys at FrizWoods are ready to put our skills and expertise to work for you today. Facing first-time DUI charges? We can answer all the questions you might have, whether you're concerned about employment, the status of your driver's license, or potential penalties you could face. Our attorneys have extensive DUI trial experience. We know the differences between DUI and DWI, the DUI per se laws, and the challenges for subsequent offenders, making us well-equipped to guide you through the process as your case proceeds.

Drunk driving offenses can be complicated; allow us to simplify them for you. We can help you avoid a criminal conviction altogether and keep convictions off your record. Our experienced DUI defense lawyers are dedicated to finding defenses in your case and demanding a trial to prove your innocence. Unlike many other DUI lawyers in Maryland who may be keen to enter a plea of guilty and go straight to sentencing, we are searching for defenses in your case and demanding a trial to prove your innocence. For insights into how we've achieved positive outcomes in the past, explore our blog posts on getting DUI charges dropped, the differences between reckless and negligent driving in DUI cases, and strategies to beat a DUI case.

Understanding the financial aspects is also crucial; read our posts on bail costs for a DUI in Maryland and how much a DUI lawyer might cost. And if it's your first time dealing with such charges, our article on whether you should get a lawyer for your first DUI may be particularly helpful.

Don't take our word for it - check out our Maryland criminal defense attorney reviews. When you're ready to take the next step in securing your defense against DUI/DWI charges in Maryland, contact us at FrizWoods. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Learn more about DUI Defense Lawyer - Drunk Driving Attorney in Maryland

Felony Criminal Defense Attorney in Maryland

We defend people charged with the most serious crimes, including murder, kidnapping, robbery, sex crimes and sex offenses, first degree assault, and drug charges other crimes involving domestic violence. At FrizWoods, our experienced felony defense attorneys, Max Frizalone and Luke Woods, have a track record of success in defending clients charged with serious crimes, including murder, kidnapping, robbery, sex offenses, drug charges, and other crimes involving domestic violence. Don't risk your future by hiring an inexperienced lawyer. Call us for a free consultation today.

FrizWoods provides reliable information to clients about their case, any potential punishments or sentences that may be handed out if they are found guilty, and the steps that must be taken at trial to earn a not guilty verdict. If you've been accused of a criminal offense in Maryland and are not sure what to do next, it's vitally important that you consult with an experienced criminal attorney at FrizWoods. You need someone who knows the law-someone who will fight for your rights. If you choose the wrong lawyer from one of Maryland's countless other law offices, you could end up with a serious criminal record, or even in one of Maryland State's Prison facilities. Don't bring a personal injury or business litigation lawyer to a criminal trial.

In addition to our comprehensive defense strategies for the aforementioned crimes, we are also equipped to handle cases involving burglary, carjacking, and white collar crimes. These areas of law require not only a profound understanding of state statutes but also a dedicated team of attorneys who can navigate complex legal systems to protect your rights and liberty. Our approach is rooted in detailed investigation, meticulous preparation, and aggressive representation in court. Whether you're facing charges for a violent crime or a sophisticated financial offense, FrizWoods is committed to providing a defense that is both strategic and personalized to your unique situation.

Remember, the moment you are accused of a felony, the stakes are incredibly high. Your freedom, reputation, and future opportunities hang in the balance. It's essential to have a legal team with the expertise and determination to fight for the best possible outcome. Trust in the experience and commitment of FrizWoods to stand by your side. Contact us today to learn more about how we can defend your rights and secure your future.

Learn more about Felony Criminal Defense Attorney in Maryland
Felony Criminal Defense Attorney in Maryland
Gun Charge Lawyer in Maryland

Gun Charge Lawyer in Maryland

In Maryland, gun laws are notably strict, and a conviction can lead to severe penalties, including heavy fines, imprisonment, and long-term consequences on your record. Our seasoned attorneys are proficient in navigating the complexities of firearm charges and are committed to ensuring you receive a robust defense. Whether it's your first gun charge or you've been through this process before, our dedicated team will provide you with the personal attention and strategic defense you need. We handle a wide range of cases, from unlawful possession, ghost gun charges , to use of a firearm in a felony. Our lawyers work tirelessly to scrutinize the evidence, question the legality of search and seizure procedures, and challenge any violation of your constitutional rights. We have a proven track record of successfully representing clients across various jurisdictions in Maryland, including Howard County, Prince George's County, and Anne Arundel County, among others. Our goal is to provide you with a tailored defense strategy that fits your specific case, focusing on minimizing potential penalties or even seeking a case dismissal. Contact us today to start planning your defense with a trusted Maryland Gun Charge Lawyer.

Maryland's gun laws are among the strictest in the country, and facing charges can be daunting. Our experienced attorneys understand the intricacies of firearm legislation and are dedicated to defending your rights. Whether you're dealing with a gun charge for the first time or facing repeat charges, our team offers personalized and strategic defense solutions.

We cover a broad spectrum of firearm-related offenses, from unlawful possession of firearms and ghost gun charges to firearm use in felonies. Our approach includes meticulous evidence examination, challenging the legality of search and seizure, and advocating for your constitutional rights. With a successful track record in various Maryland jurisdictions, we aim to minimize penalties or pursue case dismissal.

For more detailed information on specific gun charges and defense strategies, explore the following links:

  • Understanding Maryland's Gun Laws
  • First Gun Charge in Maryland Guide
  • Your Rights and Defenses in Gun Charge Cases
  • Contact us to craft a defense strategy tailored to your case with a leading Maryland Gun Charge Lawyer.

    Learn more about Gun Charge Lawyer in Maryland

    Frequently Asked Questions


    I think I may become involved in a criminal case. When can I contact you?

    We can assist you at the earliest stages of a potential criminal case, including before any charges are brought by Police or State agencies. Often when we are able to limit charges or even exclude the possibility are brought when we are retained early on in an investigation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you believe you are under investigation, or may become the target of an investigation - no matter the area of criminal law. Our law firm is open 24/7 for clients charged with criminal offenses, as we know that most criminal cases don't arise during business hours. Our firm provides free consultations over the phone, and at each of our office locations. All of our consultations are covered by attorney client privilege. Call today to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

    Why should I hire a Maryland Criminal Lawyer?

    If you are seeking high quality representation from a criminal lawyer, you are going to want to have an advocate on your side who has experience in the Maryland Criminal Justice system. All too often Defendants in the State of Maryland choose to represent themselves or accept subpar legal representation resulting in convictions. At FrizWoods we provide stellar representation in all of our practice areas to ensure that your rights are respected in the Maryland Criminal Court system. If you're looking for a criminal defense attorney with more than a super lawyers badge, you've reached the right law firm.

    What if I can't afford a criminal lawyer?

    If you, or your loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, we can provide representation on a payment plan that fits your budget. We formed our law firm, FrizWoods LLC to provide full service criminal defense for cases ranging from complex felonies to drunk driving defense. You deserve the best Maryland criminal defense attorney for your case, do not hesitate to call us today. Luke and Max visit incarcerated clients wherever they are held, often the same night they are incarcerated. We can discuss your loved one's case with them at a county jail facility, or any Maryland Prison facility. Our firm regularly represents clients on payment plans to solve their legal problems with their best interests in mind. Everyone deserves a maryland criminal lawyer on their side.