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Select the Top Severna Park Assault Lawyer for Your Case

Are you currently facing a criminal charge for assault in Severna Park, MD? You're probably overwhelmed and afraid of going to prison. Most people aren't familiar with the legal processes and don't know what to do, but they realize they need a lawyer on their side.

FrizWoods offers aggressive representation to those accused in assault cases. We never take personal injury claims, and we don't handle family law and other related practice areas - all we do is criminal law.

We walk you through each step of the process and understand how the law works in Severna Park, MD!

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FrizWoods Law Firm has been serving Severna Park, MD, and Anne Arundel County from our Severna Park Office since 2022. Contact us today for a free consultation to get the best defense for these tough situations.

What You Need to Know about an Assault Case in Severna Park, MD

Anne Arundel County in Maryland has some of the strictest assault laws in the US. Assault is defined as threatening, attempting, or committing an offensive physical contact. Facing criminal charges often results from battery with intent and recklessness.

Here are the types:

First Degree Assault Charges

First-degree Assault charges might be brought in Anne Arundel County if:

  • A firearm was involved.
  • There were injuries leading to hospitalization.
  • An attempt to cause physical injury or a serious physical injury occurred.

Second Degree Assault Charges

Generally, second-degree assault charges occurring in Anne Arundel County involve minor injuries that don't require hospitalization because of reckless behavior.

It can include threatening a fight or frightening someone.
Legally, however, a battery that leads to physical injury is considered a second-degree offense. Maryland law is confusing on what constitutes an assault, so lawyers are often needed to analyze the situation and explain them. First time second degree assault charges can seem scary - call us for help.

Maximum Penalty Requirements

Maximum penalties in Anne Arundel County for a second-degree charge include a $2,500 fine and up to 10 years of incarceration. This is considered a misdemeanor.

The maximum penalty for first-degree charges is much higher. Aggravated assault is a felony, and this carries a sentence of 25 years in jail.

Choose an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Severna Park, MD

A legal issue like assault means serious charges, so the next steps might determine how your life goes. It's crucial to hire an attorney in Anne Arundel County, and we can help!

Our team has been serving Severna Park, MD, for many years and can help you choose the right course of action once you're charged. We're with you until the case is closed and get you the best possible outcome!

When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Severna Park, MD

You require lawyers who are familiar with the court system in Maryland, and you should start searching immediately.

Once you're arrested, you shouldn't do/say things that might harm the defense. You require a skilled attorney at your side. Our lawyers know exactly how to guide you during your case in Severna Park, MD.

What to Do Next - Choose a Passionate Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Severna Park, MD

Schedule a free consultation with FrizWoods Law Firm. You will speak to one of our lawyers who knows exactly what to expect from a Severna Park, MD assault case.

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FrizWoods Law Firm has been serving Severna Park, MD, for quite a while. Our lawyers know what to do and have a high degree of compassion and care for your situation. Please call us for a free consultation today or learn more about our practice areas.

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  1. Should You Use Court-appointed Criminal Defense Attorneys?

It's possible to use court-appointed lawyers in Severna Park, MD. They can offer legal help and other assistance, but they might not work as hard to fight for you. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience in assisting everyday people like you who get into trouble and are facing assault charges. Going into Court with a Public Defender might not get you the results you would hope for.

  1. Should a Criminal Lawyer Be at the Arraignment?
    In Anne Arundel County, you see the judge at your trial date- and make up your mind on how to handle your case. If you plead not guilty - you�re expected to have a trial that day - so you do want your lawyers on standby.

  2. How Do You Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Severna Park, MD?
    An attorney can help you lower the charges or even get you off with a not guilty plea. It's best to:

  • Check with friends and family for lawyers they know
  • Use a directory
  • Ask for referral services from other lawyers
    Lawyers should offer free consultations to those facing an assault charge in Maryland.
  1. What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Severna Park, MD, Cost?
    It's hard to say. All lawyers serving Severna Park, MD, have their own fees, which vary based on the complexity of the case and the experience of the attorney.

  2. Should You Represent Yourself for an Aggravated Assault or Internet Sex Crimes Charge?
    It's never a good idea to represent yourself for any crime but especially one that could be a felony. Lawyers can help drop the charges down to a misdemeanor or get all charges dropped.

  3. When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Legal Team in Severna Park, MD?
    Generally, it's best to research lawyers and find an attorney as soon as you know you're facing Severna Park criminal charges. Sometimes, you're notified of this before they're filed, and law enforcement attempts to talk to you before getting an arrest warrant.

  4. What Should You Expect from the Outstanding Lawyers Serving Severna Park, MD?
    If you find lawyers in directories, you should check their peer evaluations. However, when you work with FrizWoods, there's no issue. Our attorneys are experienced in handling assault charges in Glen Burnie and the surrounding areas.

  5. Can You Sue for Domestic Violence?
    Domestic violence is a type of assault, and it's often punished more harshly than other claims. It's best to report the domestic abuse and build a case around the history with the attacker to get compensation.

  6. Does FrizWood Law Offices Handle Other Legal Issues?
    FrizWoods Law Office doesn't handle family law cases, or personal injury claims. It's best to call our Maryland office to speak to lawyers who can assist, and might be able to refer your case to another firm.

  7. Do You Have a Case?
    If you're being charged with an assault crime, then you have a case. However, our lawyers can't tackle each one we get. Therefore, you should request a free consultation to speak to an attorney who can further assist you.

  8. Can a Sexual Assault Charge Go Away By Itself?
    These charges don�t often away by themselves in Severna Park, Maryland. Even when the accuser might want to drop them. It�s always best to prepare a defense with our lawyers just in case.

  9. Why Should You Hire an Attorney Serving Severna Park, MD?
    Lawyers serving Severna Park, MD, have the experience to know what to do and understand the law. Likewise, they ensure that paperwork is filed correctly.

  10. What Should You Do If You're Accused of the Crime but Haven't Been Arrested?
    If you're accused of a crime, you should speak to our attorneys in Severna Park, Maryland, immediately.

14 Should You Choose a Lawyer Whose Practice Areas Include Criminal Law?
Yes, it's best to choose attorneys serving Severna Park, MD, because they understand the laws in that geographic location.

  1. What If You Can't Pay the Law Offices of FrizWoods?
    Generally, our law office works with you on payment arrangements that fit your budget.