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You were arrested for a gun charge, and you don't know what to do.

Maryland Gun Charges, where do I start?

You were minding your own business, traveling home or heading to work. Police stopped you for a window tint violation, or speeding. The first thing they do is smell marijuana and order you out of your vehicle.

Next thing you know - you're in handcuffs being hauled to jail.

You had no idea that Maryland has some of the strictest handgun laws in the United States. Why would you? There's no sign once you come into the State that says simply having a handgun in your vehicle is a crime.

Whether you have a handgun permit in your own state, went through Maryland's strict licensing scheme for purchasing a gun, or simply had no idea gun laws were so strict in this State - you've been charged with serious charges.

So many fears might be running through your head:

  1. Will I be incarcerated? Many Judges in Maryland incarcerate almost every gun offender they sentence.

  2. Will I lose my freedom? A firearms conviction could cost you your ability to legally purchase and carry a firearm in the future.

  3. What will happen to my reputation, or my security clearance? Your reputation could be stained by a criminal record, and your security clearance could be pulled for a new criminal conviction.

  4. How will I ever financially recover from this? A loss of liberty often goes hand-in-hand with a loss of employment.

  5. Will I be treated like a criminal by every person I meet after this? A criminal record can result in denied job applications, denied housing applications, and more.

These are all valid fears. And they won't go away until you've spoken with a true professional.

Every day across the State of Maryland firearms cases are dismissed for a garden variety of reasons. Often constitutional defenses render a prosecution flawed, or Defendants demand a trial when the State isn't prepared.

Firearms are rendered inoperable after State controlled testing, or agreements are made in which the State declines to prosecute a case.

You could escape these charges without them ruining your life.

But first, you need to bring on a lawyer who isn't afraid to challenge the State in Court.

How can you find a lawyer that you can trust?

Maryland is full of criminal lawyers who are interested in taking your case. It may seem impossible to figure out who you can trust.

The answer is simple. Meet with a lawyer during a free consultation. Ask how many criminal cases like yours they have handled, and what type of defenses you might have in your case.

Go with the lawyer that feels like the right fit for your case and circumstances.

Meet Max and Luke - the Criminal Defense lawyers you want on your side.

Luke Woods

A veteran trial attorney with over twenty years of criminal defense experience under his belt.

Luke eats, breathes, and sleeps criminal law. Over the last two decades he has established himself as a no nonsense criminal lawyer who is not afraid of a trial. He's helped countless clients deal with firearms charges and he knows the Maryland gun laws in and out.

Max Frizalone

A tenacious trial lawyer, with prior experience as a Prosecutor and Public Defender.

Max is a relentless attorney who will not rest until his client feels satisfied with the outcome of his or her case. Max has tried numerous firearms cases, and has built a reputation for holding the State's feet to the fire.

While there are no guarantees when it comes to any case, we'll fight tooth and nail to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. We treat each and every one of our clients with as much drive and dedication as the next.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I had no idea that I couldn't carry a firearm that I owned.

Maryland firearm ownership and firearm carrying licenses are different. And although firearms laws are constantly changing, it is currently a crime to possess a handgun in a vehicle - even if it's registered to you.

There are affirmative defenses to carrying a firearm in a vehicle; however, they can be case specific.

What kind of defenses could we use in my case?

First and foremost, each and every case is different. Your case might involve the stop and search of a vehicle. These cases always involve a potential supression of the search or stop.

Your case could involve multiple people charged with possession of a single firearm. Those cases might have factual defenses involving knowledge or constructive possession.

Your case could invovle an inoperable firearm, which depends on what laws you are charged with.

What if my gun was a ghost gun?

Maryland has complicated new ghost gun laws that outlaw possession of firearms without commercially applied serial numbers.

Starting in March of 2023, possession of these firearms could result in additional charges.

Top 3 Things to Look Out for in a Gun Case

1. The presence of drugs can lead to more charges

Maryland has several enhancements that you can be charged with related to the possession of a firearm and drug charges. For example, a person can end up with extra charges from possession of a firearm in a nexus to a drug trafficking crime, or possession of a firearm with a previous conviction for a drug felony.

2. If you have a record - you face serious charges carrying mandatory minimum incarceration.

If you have a previous felony conviction, even outside of Maryland, possession of a firearm becomes a felony with a hefty 5 year mandatory minimum sentence if you are convicted.

3. Searches and Seizures are only suppressed if they are challenged in Court.

Often people are seized and searched illegally. Police practices are only wrong if a judge rules that they are, and countless criminal cases proceed - all the way through trial - without a proper challenge of the search and seizure of a person or their vehicle.

Having a lawyer who is willing to challenge that search and seizure might make all the difference in your case.

Confidential Case Consultation