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Published on 2/17/2023, 9:24:00 PM

The top Reasons Why You Should Hire a Private Criminal Defense Attorney in Maryland

Being accused of a crime in Maryland can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming experience. Most people who find themselves facing charges have a decision to make, "Should I hire a private attorney, or use the free representation provided by the public defender?".

Hiring a private criminal defense attorney can provide you with several benefits, although a public defender is available for those who cannot afford private attorneys.

Below you will find some of the most compelling reasons why you might want to hire a criminal lawyer.

1. Availability

A private criminal defense attorney can be more accessible than your public defender. They are available to you whenever you need them and can answer your calls, emails, or texts promptly. For example, the attorneys with FrizWoods provide clients with constant contact through text, calls and emails. Public defenders may have a larger caseload and its likely to be more difficult to contact them outside their business hours.

2. Your attorney should give your case individualized attention

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a private criminal defense attorney in Maryland is the individualized attention your case will receive.

Unlike public defenders who often have large caseloads on a given day, private attorneys have more time to dedicate to your case. They will take the time to get to know you and your case, and develop a strategy that's tailored to your unique circumstances. While many Public Defenders are forced to juggle multiple cases on a given docket, your private attorney is likely to solely focus on your case.

3. Private attorneys will spend the time getting to know you

Private attorneys will work with you to understand your side of the story and any mitigating factors. They can use this information to build a strong defense and increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. You can expect more communication, prompt replies to your questions, and transparency in the progress of your case.

If you are ever faced with a sentencing, private attorneys can tell the Court a lot about you, perhaps for more than a public defender could learn in the few mintues they've had to speak with you before trial.

4. Your Private lawyer can Investigate your case

A private criminal defense attorney can conduct a more thorough investigation into your case by hiring their own investigator, or using the tricks of the trade that they have developed during their career. They have more resources to hire expert witnesses, investigators, or consultants to help build a strong defense. Public defenders may not have the same resources, and as a result, they may not be able to investigate your case to the same extent as a private attorney.

Private attorneys may also provide you with the ability to hire your own experts, which public defenders often cannot.

5. Knowledge of the Legal System

Private criminal defense attorney have the knowledge and experience to navigate the legal system effectively. They understand the complexities of the law and know how to use the legal system to your advantage. They can work to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Many private lawyers are members of local bar associations and have spent decades forming relationships that might help their credibility when they argue your case.

6. Reputation

Private criminal defense attorneys are typically known for their success and knowledge in the legal system. When hiring a private attorney, you have the opportunity to choose someone who is respected in the legal community, which can have a positive impact on your case. Their reputation may precede them and convince the prosecution to offer a more favorable plea deal.

When you are hiring a private attorney - you can have the lawyer of your choosing. You do not have to end up with whoever is assigned on a given day.

7 . Resources and Support

Private criminal defense attorneys in Maryland often have more resources and support at their disposal than their public defender counterparts. They may have access to investigators, forensic experts, and other professionals who can help build a strong defense on your behalf. Additionally, they may have a team of paralegals and support staff who can assist with the details of your case, allowing your attorney to focus on the bigger picture.

With more resources, private attorneys can conduct thorough investigations into your case, identify and interview witnesses, and obtain any necessary evidence. They can also leverage their network to get the best experts to help with your defense. A private attorney's resources can help you get the best possible outcome for your case.

8. Why you may want to hire attorneys like FrizWoods

Hiring a private criminal defense attorney in Maryland can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful outcome to your case.

A private attorney is more accessible, has a good reputation, can conduct a thorough investigation, has knowledge of the legal system, and will take an individualized approach to your case. It is important to have someone who is experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to your defense.

Don't hesitate in speaking with a private attorney. The attorneys with FrizWoods offer 24/7 free consultations for anyone charged with a criminal offense in Maryland. Call us today.