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Published on 9/5/2023, 12:42:00 PM

First Time Disorderly Conduct Charge in Maryland

Imagine you're at a sports event, cheering loudly for your favorite team. The atmosphere is electric, and you're drinking in excess. Before you know it, you find yourself escorted out by security and charged with disorderly conduct. The shock, the uncertainty-it's overwhelming.

You're not alone. Many people find themselves faced with a disorderly conduct charge for the first time without knowing how to proceed. This blog aims to guide you through this challenging ordeal and highlight why hiring an expert criminal defense attorney from FrizWoods LLC is not just smart, it's crucial.

Why Take Disorderly Conduct Seriously?

Consequences Are More Severe Than You Think

A disorderly conduct charge isn't a simple slap on the wrist. In Maryland, you may face penalties that include fines and even up to 60 days of jail time. Furthermore, a conviction will leave you with a criminal record that can haunt you for years to come. Common penalties include supervised probation and drug and alcohol testing and treatment.

Social and Employment Implications

Aside from legal consequences, a disorderly conduct conviction can have a profound impact on your future employment prospects and social life. Employers and landlords often conduct background checks, and a criminal record can be a red flag.

Understanding Disorderly Conduct in Maryland

Legal Definitions

According to Maryland law, disorderly conduct involves intentionally causing public disturbance through actions like fighting, loud noise, or offensive language. It's not as cut-and-dried as you may think. Legally the law states that "A person may not willfully act in a disorderly manner that disturbs the public peace."

Categories and Examples

From loud arguments to disruptive behavior in a public setting, there's a broad spectrum of actions that can result in a disorderly conduct charge. Simply put, what you might consider a spirited discussion could be seen as disorderly conduct under the law.

Steps to Take After Being Charged

Seek Legal Counsel Immediately

Your first step after being charged should be to consult a lawyer.

Be Mindful of Your Rights

Remember, you have rights. The right to remain silent is among the most crucial. Anything you say can be used against you in court, so it's best to speak with an attorney before talking to anyone else about your case.

Why Choose FrizWoods LLC for Your Case?

Expertise in Disorderly Conduct Cases

FrizWoods LLC has years of experience in handling disorderly conduct cases in Maryland. Our tailored defense strategies aim to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

We've successfully resolved numerous disorderly conduct cases, from dropped charges to reduced penalties. Don't take our word for it, check out the FrizWoods' Reviews Page.

FAQ Section

What is the most common punishment for disorderly conduct?

Fines, suspended sentences, and community service are commonly handed out, but jail time is also a possibility depending on the severity of the offense.

Is disorderly conduct a misdemeanor in Maryland?

Yes, disorderly conduct is categorized as a misdemeanor in Maryland.

What is the statute of disorderly conduct in Maryland?

The legal outline for what constitutes disorderly conduct can be found in Maryland Code, Criminal Law Section 10-201. It outlines five criminal acts that make up a Disorderly conduct:

(1) A person may not willfully and without lawful purpose obstruct or hinder the free passage of another in a public place or on a public conveyance.

(2) A person may not willfully act in a disorderly manner that disturbs the public peace.

(3) A person may not willfully fail to obey a reasonable and lawful order that a law enforcement officer makes to prevent a disturbance to the public peace.

(4) A person who enters the land or premises of another, whether an owner or lessee, or a beach adjacent to residential riparian property, may not willfully: (i) disturb the peace of persons on the land, premises, or beach by making an unreasonably loud noise; or
(ii) act in a disorderly manner.

(5) A person from any location may not, by making an unreasonably loud noise, willfully disturb the peace of another:
(i) on the other's land or premises;
(ii) in a public place; or
(iii) on a public conveyance.

Can a disorderly conduct charge be expunged?

In Maryland you can apply for expungement of a disorderly conduct charge ten years after the you satisfy the sentence including the probationary period. Subsequent convictions may prohibit you from expunging a disorderly conduct charge.

What is the statute of limitations for Disorderly conduct?

In Maryland, misdemeanor charges like disorderly conduct generally have to be filed within one year.

Call us today about your disorderly case

If you're dealing with a first-time disorderly conduct charge in Maryland, you're in for a legal journey that can affect your future significantly. You don't have to navigate this challenging time alone; hiring professional legal representation can make a world of difference. At FrizWoods LLC, we offer expertise, a proven track record, and a personalized approach to each case.

Don't risk your future on a disorderly conduct charge. Contact FrizWoods LLC now for a free consultation and secure your best defense today

The FrizWoods Advantage: Why We're Different

Personalized Legal Strategies

At FrizWoods LLC, we know that every case is unique. That's why we customize our legal strategies to the individual needs and circumstances of each client. When you choose us, you're not just another case number-- you're a person deserving of the best legal defense.

Confidential and Compassionate Consultation

We understand that facing a disorderly conduct charge is stressful. Our initial consultations are not only free but conducted in a confidential and compassionate environment.

24/7 Accessibility

Legal crises don't always happen during office hours. We offer 24/7 accessibility to ensure that whenever you need us, we're here for you.

Proven Results

While each case is different, our track record of successful outcomes speaks for itself. From reduced sentences to dropped charges, we're committed to achieving the best possible result for you.